Lightweight LED Lightboxes for Portable Advertising Displays

LED lightboxes are perfect for displaying advertising and posters in a way that attracts the eye. The even illumination provided by latest LED technology lights up a poster to make colours more vibrant and the message more visible. The lightboxes are now frequently seen in stores, malls and window displays, mounted on walls and regularly displaying the latest promotion or glossy poster. Now the latest slimline versions are even more adaptable, as they are lightweight enough to carry with you as part of an advertising display for a trade show or convention.

One of the reasons that customers choose LED rather than fluorescent lightboxes is that they use so little power. LEDs are far more energy efficient and can decrease power requirements considerably, reducing electricity bills, especially if a store runs several units in window displays 24/7. The advantage of this energy efficiency, for those who want to use LED lightboxes as portable advertising displays, is that they can easily be run off rechargeable batteries or even be plugged in to a car charger. This gives endless flexibility. Here are just a few suggestions of ways to use LED lightboxes as mobile advertising displays:

For trade shows and conventions – free standing lichtwerbeanlage displays can be created to hold LED lightboxes that illuminate your latest promotional materials in an attractive way that draws visitors to your stand.

Pop-up stores – there is a rising trend in pop-up stores and boutiques in all sorts of retail sectors, from designer fashion to jewellery and technology. These temporary stores need advertising that is easy to set up and take away again when the store closes or changes venue. LED lightboxes are perfect for this as they are sleek and good-looking yet can easily be set up wherever you need them.

Mobile restaurants and food trailers – food services that visit markets and neighbourhoods can easily use LED lightboxes to promote their service and advertise their menu. This is even more useful in evenings as the illuminated lightbox is easy to read and shines out, attracting customers and looking warm and welcoming.

Music events – festivals, DJs and other music events can use lightboxes in all sorts of ways to advertise throughout the venue. There are even LED lightboxes that can be programmed to sync with the music for added ambient vibe.

The posters and promotional displays can easily be changed between venues or events, as LED lightboxes are designed for easy access either with a lock or a snap fastening. It’s a simple matter of taking out the old poster and slipping in the new one.

And one last advantage to LEDs is that the LED lights themselves are very durable. They are far less prone to breakage than fluorescent tubes and last a whole lot longer, so altogether LED lightboxes make a great investment for your advertising displays of all descriptions.

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