Investing Time In People In A Home Business

Developing a residual income in a home based business is accomplished by investing time in people. This concept is often misunderstood. It is not so black & white as many assume. Perhaps the best thing to say in many ways is treat people as we ourselves would wish to be treated; with respect and dignity. We don’t have time to “waste” on people; it’s true but there must be an attitude of serving others that is the foundation of every call we make whether it is to a friend or a cold contact. Friends, that is a key to developing a long term residual income and having a successful home based business. HULT PRIVATE

People are amazing and have incredible life experiences! Is there something wrong with having many, many friends? If we try to add value to others at every opportunity that is what we will have, many friends! Will that come back in a tangible benefit that is easy to define? Not necessarily so, but the point is to create and develop those contacts. Over time, it may come back multiplied in some form and show up in our home based business.

Sometimes people will say to you, I only want sharp and motivated people and I don’t have time to waste. I do understand the meaning behind comments like that, but who gave us the right to judge who is sharp and what their motivation level is in terms of building a residual income? We have seen success stories from every kind of conceivable beginnings. Who would have known that person could have built such a substantial residual income? In every case of success however, there was always one person who believed they could have a solid home based business and that is the person who became successful.

We invest time in people and it will come back multiplied if we do so with a servant’s heart. When we enroll someone, we then must invest time in them as well to helping them create a residual income. Our work is to help others achieve their dreams of having a successful home based business. Let that sink in very deeply. We can only achieve our dreams by helping others achieve theirs. It’s not about us, but rather about the new people you are talking to.

It may be a difficult lesson for some to learn at first as many come into our home based business team from a place where it is difficult to be concerned about other’s welfare but it is something that must develop if we are to become leaders.

Take the time and get to know people as best you can in your own home based business. Invest your time in people in you want your residual income to grow. Now, please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not suggesting talking all night with someone or to invest too much time with someone who is rude or brash, as one needs to use common sense. Indeed, look for people that are looking for us now, but along the way BE a friend and add people to your growing Circle of Influence. When we take this attitude and own it, it becomes much less stressful to do what we do. It’s a lot more fun developing a residual income in a home based business.

Invest the time in people by staying in touch by doing follow up calls. Be patient and watch what happens. Seeds will begin to grow and things will happen to your business. Referrals will show up, people will call you. In short, people will be attracted to you because you come from the right place. People buy who you are before they buy what you have. It means you must take your needs out of the picture “in the moment” knowing full well, with confidence, that as we serve others we will be served. Every real leader I know in this business owns this philosophy


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