Inventories and Quotes


  • Vital: set an inventory of existing goods, specially where there are often a lot to check. E.g: the basement or the attic.
  • Be sure to have ready packing materials.
  • If you have pets, find out about special vans for them if needed.
  • Get 2 or 3 quotes from moving companies and ask what is it included in the price and what not. If you will make the move, hire moving trucks in advance, specially if you will move during the weekend.
  • If you need it, hire a temporary storage company.
  • Have your new home ready prior to your arrival: get all the painting done, as well as the plumbing, decoration, etc, if needed.




  • Make address changes in your services bills: electricity, gas, etc. Don’t forget to ask for possible last month deposits.
  • Also send your new address and telephone number to your family and friends by email or regular post cards.
  • If you have expensive objects to carry, it is good to get them appraised prior to move them to your new house in case they get damaged by the moving company or truck.
  • Find out what costs does your insurance company cover in case your belongings get damaged.
  • Keep all your quotes, receipts and similar papers¬† Permiso Mudanza Providencia¬†all together for when you need them.
  • Keep all your personal records together: medical, legal, school and veterinary records and label them carefully.
  • Get information from local news papers to know what it is going and future events in your new home town.
  • At your new place of residence, find out where the important institutions are located: banks, hospitals, police station, etc.
  • Do you know if you need moving permits?
  • It is strongly recommend to check about property restrictions with the local authorities.




  • If you are moving to another state, make auto registration for transfer.
  • For the moving day, have somebody ready to take care of your children.
  • Get rid out of items you don’t need anymore for any reason: you could organize a moving sale.
  • If your new property is an apartment or if you are leaving it, let your neighbours about elevator’s use.
  • If you are travelling by car, check with your mechanic everything is working properly so no surprises arise during your trip to your new home.
  • Take your pets to the veterinary prior to the trip to your new house and give him/her all the necessary vaccines. This will prevent possible local diseases.
  • Pack any kind of supplies that might be needed as soon as you arrive.
  • If you take any type of medicine, make sure you take it with you during your trip.
  • Get your important stuff in your hand bag: identity card, credit cards, keys of your new home, a medical kit, etc.
  • Disconnect all the appliances from electricity before you leave your old house.
  • 1 day before leaving, call your moving company or truck and confirm their arrival time just in case.
  • Traveller’s checks could be useful for security reason, specially for long journeys.


And finally… home (new) sweet home


  • Control that all your good arrived in good shape to your new home if you hired moving services
  • You will surely have to pay in cash to the movers or some kind of check so don’t forget this important issue
  • Enjoy your new home.

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