Helping Rid Your Cat of Flea Allergy Dermatitis

Not all cats are allergic to fleas. Some of them can clearly coexist with the whole horde of fleas on their coat with no apparent ill effect. Give them a little time though, and they can quickly become anemic from the bloodsucking tendency that fleas exhibit. On the other hand, it isn’t hard to find a cat that is allergic to fleas – it can be one of the most common allergies out there. As hard as you try as a cat owner though, it can be hard to find any fleas on your pet’s coat even as your cat clearly suffers- cats keep grooming themselves and they can quickly take away any sign of fleas right off there. For a cat that is truly allergic to fleas, it can take no more than a single bite of a flea to set off a terrible reaction – a reaction that can bring on all kinds attendant infections with it. A cat that is allergic to flea saliva can scratch its skin raw – until it’s scratched it’s fur right off. When it does this, it can quickly contract flea allergy dermatitis, a disease that can spread all over the cat’s body much to its consternation.
Nu skin Dermatic Effects 

How do you know that your cat has a case of flea allergy dermatitis? You know when your cat seems to be chewing the base of its tail right off, when it keeps chewing on its legs, and when there are ulcers at spots on its body where fleas have bitten it. The first thing that a vet will do when you take your cat in is to examine its coat thoroughly for any signs of flea infestation. Doctor will look for any patches of itchy or inflamed skin – patches that are filled with rashes. Once a diagnosis of flea allergy dermatitis is confirmed, the doctor will look to see if there is any secondary bacterial infection that the dermatitis has brought on. If there is any such infection, your cat will probably get a course of antibiotics to go. Flea allergy dermatitis can also bring on fungal infections that scratching brings on.

Sometimes, the doctor, to bring on quick release to the whole flea bite-and-scratch cycle, can prescribe something like prednisone, a steroidal medicine, to bring the cat a little quick relief from all the scratching. If your cat doesn’t have flea infestation yet, you would do well to use flea powder and other flea control medication monthly to keep fleas away. But fleas love it when it’s humid. If you happen to live in a coastal area near a large lake, you would probably want to be particularly aggressive with your flea prevention regime.

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