So what about creating some playground areas that look like different cities around the world, even buildings from ancient cultures or whole countries? The possibilities are endless. We have theme parks that use this concept and do very well, people enjoy themselves whilst seeing, smelling and feeling what it is or was like to be in the place the park is recreating.

Take Egypt for example, a playground can have pyramids which children can climb around inside whilst learning facts about the real pyramids, the temple at Karnak has some amazing features that could be reproduced in a playground. 안전놀이터 The visual experience of the hieroglyphics alone is a sight to behold, they don’t have to be exact, but would give a representation of the actual place. After all kids do learn better when they are having fun and you can bet when something looks totally different than the normal sort of playground area then children will love it.

Kids can learn from pieces of information around the playground that can also give them challenges to achieve whilst they are playing. Imagine a set of big rubber blocks, which are secured at different lengths and can only be put together one way to create a pyramid or even an Inca temple. They could have a leaning tower of Pisa which has a slide coming from it, a roundabout that raises a drawbridge to a medieval castle, which is a climbing frame.

All these playgrounds don’t have to be that extravagant, but can be educational for all ages. Put some ideas to your local authorities and when they bang on about cost, tell them they can recycle the playgrounds they already have, and the community is behind them.

Rubber mulch can be used, as the playground surface, as both a safety feature and educational topic.

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