Like many, if not all of you, I have seen the ad banners and the popup ads saying “SHOOT THE DUCK FOR A FREE IPOD” or “CLICK HERE FOR A FREE PS3”. And like many of you, I thought they were a scam. But unlike many of you, I decided to put these freebie sites to the test. I didn’t have anything to lose by trying it out, only things to gain.

I began doing a freebie site in August of 2005. I signed up to the site and was amazed that I received no spam email from them. I then proceeded to sign up to one of their affiliate links. I signed up to Real Player Rhapsody, hardly considered to be a site that would 메이저사이트 scam you out of your hard earned money. The great thing about this is, you do not even have to keep the product after the first month trial.

I was attempting to get an Xbox 360 which required me to refer 8 other people to sign up and complete an offer. Now, this of course was no easy task considering everyone and their mother think freebie sites are just another name for a scam site. It took me a few months, but after some time spent convincing a few friends of mine to sign up, I achieved my goal of 8 users.

I then submitted for approval. The approval process usually takes around 2 weeks. During this process the freebie company checks on all your referrals to make sure they are all legitimate and to make sure you haven’t just signed up multiple times. Signing up multiple times will cause you problems, such as one account going on hold or all of your accounts going on hold. Basically what going on hold means is your account is terminated and you will received anything. Although this sounds a little strict, take it from their point of view. They want to make money, if you are scamming them or their affiliates, they will not make money and inturn they cannot pay you.

After I was approved, I placed my order for my Xbox 360. It did take awhile to come but this was due to the fact that the Xbox 360 was a brand new system and it was hard for anyone to get their hands on it.

When I got my 360 it was brand new. It was BRAND NEW. I got an Xbox 360 for FREE. I opened my Xbox 360 and I played it and it worked. Nothing was wrong with it. Infact, I still have it and it STILL works.

Now, once again, many people think these sites are scams. That is because they have been misinformed and have not tried the sites themselves. Everyone is saying its a scam, so it must be a scam, right? WRONG.

Thanks for reading my article and I hope this or one of my future articles will convince you or some friends to try these sites out. Afterall, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I am very interested in video gaming, but I really had no money to buy all these next generation systems. So I tried out a freebie site to get my Xbox 360. Once I got it, I continued doing a few more freebie sites. I have earned over $2000 dollars in gifts and money from these sites. If you are interested in trying out a freebie site, here is one I am currently working on.

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